Monday, March 1, 2010


It seems that 'Balancing Racks' is indeed the story of note from last year's experiment. At the behest of a friend, I entered an interesting 300-word-or-less writing contest back in December (the winner of said contest to see his or her story 'published' on a coffee mug and, of course, to receive some cold hard cash to boot). Earlier today I opened my email inbox and discovered that my story had been chosen! I can't wait to see what it looks like emblazoned on a mug (and how fitting that it will find a home there, considering the prominence of hot tea in the story).

Anyway, the contest was held by the very cool folks at Like Water Burning Press. Head over to their site and, if you're so inclined, order up a copy of their first journal of cutting edge writing (issue number two, which will include 'Balancing Racks' as well, goes on sale in December 2010).

Happy reading!

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